Auditions are currently closed

Up to 40 performers WILL BE SELECTED (comprising both Live and ON-line auditions) to perform on Friday and/or Saturday nights (Sept. 6-7 2013) during the Night of Joy event on the Talent Spotlight stage located in Magic Kingdom® Park.

Backline gear (drum kit, guitar amps, keyboard, bass guitar amps) will be provided at the Live Audition. Performers must bring their own instruments (except 88-key keyboard), chords and pedals. Drummers may bring their own cymbals and snare drum and sticks. Track artists must provide performance tracks on CD.

Registration fees are $95 per person, plus relevant sales tax (solo artist or individual band member) and includes a ticket to one day of the Night of Joy event and admission to Magic Kingdom® Park.

Each solo artist and/or individual band member participating in the Talent Spotlight audition must pay the $95.00 registration fee per person, plus relevant sales tax. For example, a four member band must pay for four registrations, totaling $380.00 plus relevant sales tax.

Solo performers with a band must register as a band.

Once you've successfully completed your registration for a live audition, you will be notified via email regarding your audition day, time and locale. Final determination of day, time and location will be solely determined by Celebration Ministries.

Each person registering for Talent Spotlight will automatically receive a one-day ticket to the Night of Joy event, for either September 6th or 7th (included in their registration fee).

A combined total of up to 40 performers selected from the two audition rounds (on-line and live) will each perform up to a 10-minute set (three songs maximum) at the Night of Joy event on Friday or Saturday, September 6th or 7th. Performers selected to appear on-site at the Night of Joy event, will perform on the Talent Showcase stage at Magic Kingdom® Park during the event.